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We are so happy to share our love story with you. We’re excited and hopeful that you can help us celebrate our wedding in beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, the place where it all began.

000_4307 copyEarly in our courtship, I would ask Jeff to take me on his trike to Lake Geneva as I have always loved this area. We would go to Kilwins to get what Jeff called the “$20 ice cream” and walk down to the Riviera Dock and look out over the beautiful waters of Lake Geneva enjoying our ice cream. We would look at the cruise boats and would wish to take a trip on them one day. We would look into the water and feed the fish under the dock. And then I asked the question, back in the summer of 2004, “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” And here we are, engaged and planning our wedding at the Riviera Dock on one of the cruise boats, The Lady of the Lake! Who would have thought!

Please follow our blog by entering your email address at the bottom of the page to automatically receive updates our wedding planning activity, see who else will be attending the event and the “Our Stories” feed. We also welcome any comments that you would like to post! If coming from out of town, please visit the “Lodging” and “RSVP” pages to obtain information on how and where to reserve rooms as well as to inform us of your upcoming travel plans. The official RSVP will be sent out in the invitations, however since the hotels and accommodations fill up quickly in this busy resort town, we would like to know if our out of town guests will be coming ahead of time, so please leave us comments to be posted on each of the pages.

The ceremony will take place on “The Lady of the Lake” paddlewheel boat with the reception immediately following. Our wedding event is a 4 hour boat cruise into the night and we will not be making any stops, except to possibly see some fireworks! We are offering an adult party atmosphere celebration including a heavy hors’ d’oeuvre buffet with bar and dancing to our favorite music throughout the decades. Don’t forget to visit the “Request a Song” page to search out and choose your favorite music to dance to.

My mom has been living in the Lake Geneva area for 13 years and has done some fabulous research on “Places to Play” and “Places to Eat”. Please check out those pages for some awesome suggestions on things to do while in the area, recommended by my favorite insider! There is also a page with an excellent map of the Lake Geneva area. Thanks Mom!

We are ecstatic to share this amazing night with our closest friends and family, but please be aware that there is limited space on the boat and would like to know if your plans next summer include our special day. We would be thrilled if you would join us for this night to remember!


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