How We Met

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Jeff and I met on and since we were both  newly single after 17 year long relationships each,  what did we know about meeting someone new?  Things had really changed so much over that course of time  and we did not want to go to the bars to meet people.  We initially emailed through for about  one month’s time. Then, when we felt the other was  not some lunatic, we decided to make the leap and  exchange cell phone numbers. We continued by  calling each other every day for an additional month  and then decided to meet, face to face.

 Our first date was for lunch at a little restaurant on  Main Street in Wauconda and we talked for three  hours! We both found many similarities that we  shared and both understood more what we did not want in a new relationship. One of the most important was that we did not want to yell, scream and get into arguments any more,  and enjoyed long conversations filled with laughter. After that first date, we have gotten along famously and cannot remember a time that we have raised our voices to each other. We have decided that sometimes, we agree to disagree and have a motto that we live by: Jeff’s brain is ruled by Mars and mine is ruled by Venus! Once we understood that fact, it has been easier to see that we both have different perspectives on life and respect each other’s input.

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