Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!!

Many of you may not know that Grandma and Grandpa Waldack had their first date in Lake Geneva, so  they are the ones that really got it all started with an attraction to this lovely area. Here is a photo of that infamous day! My mom may know the date this photo was actually taken. Mike and Cheryl also had their honeymoon in the Lake Geneva area, and so is Jeff and I! We just love this place and fell in love here!

A Chris & Al at Lake Geneva

One thought on “Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!!

  1. It was the summer of 1930. Mom Christine DeBender was 16 years old, and Dad Al Waldack was 21. They were married 2 years later. This area was always their “getaway” place – dancing to the “big band” music at the Riviera Ballroom, to our family’s summer cottage in Salem that Dad built and later for vacations at The Abbey and Lake Lawn. Years later, my kids and I came here to Williams Bay often to launch my sailboat “Nauty Lady” on Geneva Lake And in 2001, I moved here (a few blocks from the boat launch) and retired in 2002. What a perfect place for Debbie & Jeff’s wedding!

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