We would love a heads up if you will be able to attend our wedding by filling out the form below, and please be aware that the official RSVP will be coming in your mailed invitation. Also, this is an adult party atmosphere so seating is limited and DANCING is required!

2 thoughts on “RSVP

  1. So excited to have been getting some replies from out of town travelers already!
    (Of course, the wedding party will be there which is an awesome group of people in themselves!)
    There will be an official invitation mailed out in late winter or early springtime.

    Beloved family:
    Karen and Kevin Cook and family
    Kelley and David Leonard
    Lalayne and Duane Olson and family
    Carol Lindberger
    Aunt Lorie, Cousins Coleen, Noreen and Andy, Darleen and family
    Aunt Christie
    Cousins Johnny Jeff, Carol and Jill
    The New Jersey Contingent!!! Uncle Robert, Aunt Pat, Cousin Christine and Walter
    The Novak Contingent!!! Ruth Novak, Denis and Karen Novak and family

    Dear friends:
    Kathy and Jerry Rhea
    Ken and Linda Lindahl (We will have to celebrate Linda’s birthday that day as well!)
    Ron Vaughn
    Wilda DeFur

    I will be updating as more confirmations come in, too and we are so thrilled that you can join us!

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